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When it comes to exercise and diet, we are bombarded with conflicting information and it is difficult to know just exactly how we should be exercising and what we should be eating.

While some may think a one-hour gym session permits them to eat a pack of biscuits, others think they need to carbo-load before a workout. So what should you actually eat that won’t compromise the hard work you have put in on your run, power walk or spin class. 

Additionally, when undertaking a new health kick or fitness regime, there is often confusion as to whether you can still indulge every now and again or if should you be sworn off carbs and sugar for all eternity.

Avoid carbs before working out

Nick Mitchell, CEO of Up Fitness, says: “You want fat and protein because you need stable blood sugar levels. What I have always found with carbs, is they tend to raise serotonin – the relaxing neurotransmitter. You want dopamine and acetylcholine – and protein and fat are going to be of greater assistance. This is why you crave chocolate and pizza when you’re stressed: Because it calms the nervous system down.